Mission / Vision of Bal Bhavan Society - Vadodara

To organize recreational and other activities...

To organize recreational and other activities, to promote among children enthusiasm and zest for living, interest and delight in human interaction and passion and curiosity for understanding the world around them, and by that to become active and useful citizens.

To organize programmes...

To organize programmes that will provide children with suitable setting, adequate facilities, so that they can pursue their individual interests, explore their ideas, experiment with media and materials for expression for their personalities.

To organize comprehensive programmes...

To organize comprehensive programmes that will provide children (including differentaly abled and under privileged) from all sections of the society, a wide range of creative, useful experiences and activities.

Objective of Bal Bhavan

The Objective of  Bal Bhavan is to nurture and enhance the creative potential of children and to inculcate in them scientific temper and a spirit to challenge, experiment, innovate and create through many activities encompassing a wide spectrum of subjects like science, creative arts and crafts, integrated activities, performing arts, literary activities and physical development through indoor and outdoor sports for normal and special children. 

The Misson is to provide opportunities that ignite curiosity and celebrate possibilites through immersive dynamic experiences in visual arts,performing arts,science and technology anphysical activities.to foster values that mould self confident,holistic and responsible citizens of the world.