Rules & Regulations For Volunteering

No. Rules & Regulations
1 Bal Bhavan holds the final right to accept or dismiss volunteers.
2 Volunteers will be allotted mentors who shall help the volunteers in carrying out their tasks
3 Mentors or other faculty members may allocate tasks to the volunteers depending upon the requirement of the organization and the students
4 Volunteers shall perform tasks in a responsible manner and complete them within the specified time. If the volunteer is unable to do so, he/she shall notify their mentors about the same
5 Timings for volunteering shall be predecided mutually by the volunteers and Bal Bhavan. In case the volunteer wishes to change his/her timings permanently/temporarily, he/she may do so on prior notification and mutual consent with the respective mentor.
6 A daily log sheet must be maintained by each volunteer and must be signed by the mentor or faculty in charge before the volunteer leaves for the day.
7 Volunteers shall never abuse, threaten or involve themselves in illegal or violent activities while in the premises of Bal Bhavan Society of Baroda.
8 Any violation of the above rules shall be deemed as grounds for dismissal from the volunteering programme.
9 Bal Bhavan holds the final right to accept or dismiss volunteers.

Rules & Regulations For Certification

No. Rules & Regulations
1 Each volunteer must complete 50 hours of volunteering in order to be eligible for certification. These 50 hours must be completed in a continuous span of 25 weeks with a minimum requirement of 2 hours per week. Volunteers are free to volunteer for more hours depending upon their availability and the requirement of Bal Bhavan.
2 The log sheet must be duly filled. The hours of service shall be cross-verified by the mentor using the log sheet prior to certification.
3 Volunteers may choose to continue with their service even on completion of 50 hours. The certificate shall display the total hours volunteered.