News & Events of Bal Bhavan Society - Vadodara

  Founders Day - +

Open Baroda Folk Dance competition was organized for "Smt Aruna Mehta Memorial Trophy"

12th February 2024

  Regular annual activities continue for children - +

Regular classes in different activities and sports coaching in the afternoon and evening hours.

Activities go round the year

  APRIL & MAY Summer vacation workshops for children - +

Special creative workshops, activity classes and sports coaching for children 5 to 16 years, in the morning and evening hours. Round the year activities continue in the evening from 4 to 7.30 pm

15th to 30th April 2024 and 2nd to 31st May 2024

  Baroda District Badminton Tournament - +

The tournament was supported by Sri M B Patel Charity Trust. and conducted by Baroda Badminton Association

5th to 11th February 2024

  Open Baroda Sports Meet for Intellectually Disabled Children - +

Open Baroda Sports Meet for Intellectually Disabled of 6 to 25 yrs sponsored by GACL Education Society. The Sports meet was organized as a part of World Disability Day celebrations.

15th December 2023

  Open Baroda Basketball Tournament for Under 14 yrs Boys and Girls - +

The Open Baroda Basketball Tournament was organised by Bal Bhavan and supported by K K Vithani Foundation

7th to 10th December 2023

  Open Baroda Tennis Tournament for Shri M B Patel Trophy - +

For Boys and Girls of all age categories Under 8 yrs Under 10 yrs. Under 12 yrs. Under 14 yrs. Under 16 yrs. Men’s Open & Women’s Open Men’s 35+ Singles Men’s Doubles Men’s 35+ Doubles Women’s Doubles Mix Doubles

4th to 10th February 2024

   Open Baroda Garba Competition - +

Open Baroda Garba Competition,supported by M.B Patel's Charity Trust was organised by Bal Bhavan, for the children of 3rd, 4th and 5th std children, from 9.00 am onwards.

19th December 2023

  Inter School Quizzes supported by GACL Education Society - +

Interschool Science Quiz- 6 th to 8th Std -14th Dec 2023 Interschool G K Quiz -7th to 9th Std-28th December 2023 Interschool Heritage Quiz- 5th to 7th Std- 19th January 2024

14th ,28th December 2023 and 19th January 2024

  Library is open on all weekends. - +

Lending Books and Calligraphy and Handwriting classes.

10th June 2023 onwards every Saturday and Sunday

  Programme for Intellectually disabled children - +

A Recreation,Education and Sports training programme for intellectually disabled children of 5 to 23 years